Why rent instead of buy?

This is really up to you! Our service is meant to offer the convenience of giving you everything you need to get started including the coops, chickens, know-how and support. If you love the experience and decide to buy your own chickens and coop down the road we will be ecstatic that we helped you in that journey! If you decide chicken keeping is not for you, then you have the convenience of cancelling anytime and we come pick everything up.


What are my responsibilities?

In general you are responsible for keeping the chickens fed, safe, healthy and happy. That includes:

  • Assuring that no predators can access the chickens. Chickens will roost in the coop every evening at sun down, and you are responsible for closing the chicken coop door to ensure no predators can get in to harm the chickens.
  • Every morning you will need to let the chickens out of the coop and into the chicken run or out in your yard if you have a fenced in yard.
  • At least once a week it is recommended to clean out the chicken poop (which by the way can be composted and makes excellent natural fertilizer).
  • Chickens should always have fresh clean water and free access to food. So this means, you will be responsible for refilling the feeder and watering can about twice a week. 


What does your service include?

First and foremost, it includes our support. We want to help you be an expert chicken keeper and will answer all of your questions and even check in with you periodically.

  • Delivery and installation of the coop
  • 4 hens of laying age (means they are already producing eggs)
  • One 40 lbs sack of Organic Feed
  • Feeder and watering can
  • One replacement chicken 
  • Support and periodic check ins
  • The convenience of canceling anytime and we come pick everything up


What happens if something goes wrong or a chicken looks sickly?

Call us! That’s why we’re here.


What happens if a chicken dies?

Don’t worry, this does not mean you’re doing something wrong. It could happen and it does happen even for the most experienced chicken keepers. We will gladly replace up to one chicken at no extra cost. 


Can I keep my own chickens in your rental coop?

Of course! Most owners of backyard chickens enjoy buying different breeds and building out their flock. Please note that we don’t recommend more than 6 chickens be kept in our rental coops.


Can I keep the chickens I rent if I decide to buy my own coop?

The short answer is yes! We realize some of y'all are going to grow attached to your chickens and we refuse to break that bond! If you rent the coop and chickens for at least 3 months, and you decide to buy your own coop down the road, then you can keep the chickens. We will pick up our coop and leave you the chickens.

Can I buy your coop?

We are currently not selling coops as we are focusing on the rental business. However, we have plans to build coops right here in Austin, TX that will be larger and designed with what we consider to be the best features. Once we get that going, we’ll be offering those coops for sale.