About Us

Our Founders: Jim Schlenker & Naruby Schlenker Bollom


Hello! Hola! My name is Naruby and I am the daughter in the father/daughter team of Organic Sidechick. My dad, Jim, and I are so excited to bring a little piece of the farm to your family! Having backyard chickens is a game-changer in your quest for leading a more organic lifestyle within the city, providing you with fresh organic eggs and excellent natural fertilizer for your plants- plus they make great pets!

Knowing and respecting where our food comes from are lessons my dad taught my brothers and I very early on. My dad was born and raised on a Texas Panhandle farm where he grew up tending livestock and farming the land. When the sprightly cowboy traveled to Venezuela in 1976 to help manage a friend’s cattle ranch, what was supposed to be a 1 year adventure turned into 30 years building a life and family on a farm. That’s where I come in, the oldest of three, growing up on ranches in the Venezuelan flatlands was an adventure and although I miss that lifestyle, it was always my dream to live in a city.

Fast forward many years, and here I am absolutely loving Austin and living here with my husband, our baby boy, and our chocolate lab. Once I started my own family and wanting the best for them I noticed something was missing. It was a yearning for planting things, getting my hands dirty in soil, garden vegetables in the summer, fresh eggs, open spaces and being OUTSIDE!

When my parents retired in Cedar Park, my dad’s backyard slowly but surely started to look like a little farm. They planted a vegetable garden, herbs, and even got some backyard chickens. That’s when I realized that we could have the best of both worlds and use backyards to experience a little bit of the farm and enjoy fresh and organic vegetables and eggs as well.

But not everyone grew up on a ranch, and not everyone is comfortable just jumping into backyard ‘farming’. That’s where we want to help. We want to bring our experience and service to help ANYONE use their backyard to produce their own organic food. We’re starting with chickens because who doesn’t like fresh eggs and chickens are such fun pets!